Systematic trading with options
Higher potential return, lower risk

Options are great instruments, for earning high potential return on investment, while limiting risks. To enable all investors to be successful with options, we have developed a great range of of automated options strategies, ready to follow, ready to copy. Easy and reliable in just one click.

+ initial capital from € 7,500 to € 100,000+
+ trading systems based on monthly, weekly and daily options
+ one-click trading

Combining systems for lower risk

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The Finodex Options Portfolios combine a number of mechanical trading systems, using monthly, weekly and daily options.

+ lower risk, pro rata return on investment
+ combining various options strategies
+ options portfolios of €25k, €50k and €100k

Strategies for rising markets

We use the short put spread options strategy to generate income in rising markets, while reducing risks when prices fall.

+ return on investment, especially in slightly upward markets
+ limited risk when prices go down
+ range of Short Put Spread systems to choose from

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Generating income

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With the Short Strangle systems, we aim for higher return on investments, using weekly and monthly options, even when stock market prices are relatively flat.

+ complex strategy, easy to follow
+ initial capital from €10k
+ monthly and weekly options and combinations

Daily active in the AEX Index

With our Daily Options Systems you benefit from market opportunities every day, in just a few minutes per day. No hassle, no stress, no overnight risk.

+ invest in daily options, without overnight short risk
+ more often profit than loss
+ open and close positions in just one click

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High Volatility


The Recovery Portfolios are there to make money in particularly volatile markets and build a buffer for price declines.

+ started at the beginning of 2020, after an exceptional fall in the AEX index
+ writing high option premiums with tight risk management
+ high potential return, high risk

This is what other investors think of our options systems:

Average client score

4.4 / 5

15 reviews

5 / 5

Spend little time and get good returns


For some time now, I have been someone who uses monthly options 2.1, 2.2 and weekly options 1.4. in addition, I used day options for a while in the beginning (3 months) and I am an active investor with Binck/Saxo (>10 years). Because of the time I invest in watching the market and then making choices and getting a reasonable return, I was looking for another less time consuming way. I have too little understanding of options, despite multiple books and classes, and after a few reviews I ended up with Finodex. Handing your money over so I now have over 1 year of experience. After a quiet start in monthly options I was looking for something more, use the daily move. Unfortunately, that wasn't my thing at the time, and it didn't help that the market was dropping significantly at the time. I have since gone in with the weekly options and that is going above average. Of course you know there is a down month and certainly in the beginning, if you are on top because of lack of confidence, it is exciting. But ........ be patient ...... 'Time is on your side' then sounds in my head. Read more

5 / 5



I represent some 60 years of investor experience. Always did it myself, but now, after bad experiences with some cowboy asset managers in the country, have over six months experience with Finodex. Started small with them, after 4 months decided to upgrade to the Options Portfolio ...K system and am now about to add a 2nd system to my account. This illustrates my confidence in Finodex. I have come to know them as a versatile, effective and highly transparent party, delivering proven returns that matter. And always accessible. Do I recommend Finodex? Yes, with conviction! Read more

5 / 5

Playing hands-free (or having it played) with options


Nice system with attractive results, which can perform all recommended stock market actions independently and by return if desired. Provides peace of mind. Information and support from Finodex is adequate, friendly and personal. The experience of six months with this system gives every reason to continue.

5 / 5

Very well functioning system with clear explanations or people who really help you when you can't follow it for a while as far as the automation side is concerned.


Not so long 'member' of this system, but the result is really good. Of course, we are now in a bull market, but I trust that losses are also taken in time when it matters. I myself was quite excited to see that losses had to be taken once, but they were recovered in one or two trades. The people behind Finodex are easy to approach through the chat and this way you can quickly get all the settings right. The only tricky thing for me was approving the trade at times when you don't have / bad reception, but that was also solved satisfactorily. So for me so far they certainly meet the high expectations. With a return that good, I can also donate more to charity, or put part of my assets into projects in third world countries where you support the local population and they also do something to make them more sustainable or improve the local situation. Read more

5 / 5

Easy and with good returns!


The whole system works smoothly and stably. The signals are easy to confirm. My account is linked to a MeXeM account. Works perfectly. So far, after more than 1 year, a more than solid return.

5 / 5

Good return, calm strategy, efficient support


After a year of losing daily options, I switched to monthly options over a year ago with a 48% profit result.

4.5 / 5

Extraordinary result!


Weekly signals are sent through. These are easy to follow via copy trade (Binck/Saxo). Because of the higher frequency of the trades, the results are extremely interesting, and this with a limited investment of 7500€!

4.5 / 5

Great result!


I have been following the system since May this year and the result is now at 23.5%! The signals are clear and very easy to follow via the copy trade (Binck/Saxo). The required capital is relatively limited. I highly recommend this system!

4.5 / 5

The system is ideal to give your portfolio a nice return without worries and loss of time in tracking prices and positions.


I actually learned about Finodex's trading systems by accident while attending a training course. For a long time I was suspicious of automatic running systems and their promised results and costs. But in the meantime, I have not regretted it as the results of Week Options System 1.4 SSg are now better than the historical average. The convenience of having your positions monitored and intervening appropriately through Copy Trading System gives you peace of mind. The support to start up the system with your Broker and follow up is good. You can always follow up perfectly on a convenient login to the Finodex site via smartphone or PC. Read more

4 / 5

Creates returns and provides peace of mind.


Finodex creates ("hefty") returns and provides peace of mind. First of all, there is no investment without risk. But the systems offered, based on proven algorithms, provides nice returns. It is good to know from experience that the system administrators themselves remain very attentive to the monitoring of the positions. Your emotion goes to a lower level and the returns to a higher one ..... wonderful, Karst Read more

4 / 5

Options portfolio with healthy returns without headaches


Finodex has developed well into a platform with a range of copy trade portfolios, including options 25K. Easy to manage, clear statistics and convenient App.

4 / 5

Results of the system in the recent period are fine. This though in a continuously rising market.


Experiences with the team at Finodex are good. Are easily accessible and very service oriented. Handle the portfolio with care and restraint. Good results are achieved but it should be noted that this has been in a constantly rising market for the past 2 years. Team can prove itself in a stagnant or sharply declining market. Read more

Algo-trading with options. Options Portfolio's (Dutch spoken)


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