Systematic trading with options
Higher potential return, lower risk

Options are great instruments, for earning high potential return on investment, while limiting risks. To enable all investors to be successful with options, we have developed a great range of of automated options strategies, ready to follow, ready to copy. Easy and reliable in just one click.

+ Initial capital from € 7.500 to > € 100.000
+ Trading systems based on daily, weekly and monthly options
+ One-click trading

Combining systems for lower risk

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The Finodex Options Portfolios combine a number of mechanical trading systems, using daily, weekly and monthly options.

+ Lower risk, pro rata return on investment
+ Combining various options strategies
+ Options portfolios of €25k, €50k en €100k

Daily active in the AEX Index

With our Daily Options Systems you benefit from market opportunities every day, in just a few minutes per day. No hassle, no stress, no overnight risk.

+ invest in Daily Options, without overnight risk
+ more often profit than loss
+ open and close positions in just one click

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Generating income

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With the Short Strangle systems, we aim for higher return on investments, using weekly and monthly options, even when stock market prices are relatively flat.

+ Complex strategy, easy to follow
+ Initial capital from €7.5k
+ Weekly and monthly options and combinations

Strategies for rising markets

We use the short put spread options strategy to generate income in rising markets, while reducing risks when prices fall.

+ Return on investment, especially in slightly upward markets
+ Limited risk when prices go down
+ Range of Short Put Spread systems to choose from

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High Volatility


We created the Recovery Portfolios to earn money in particularly volatile markets (such as early 2020) while building a  and to build a buffer against price falls.

+ Started early 2020, after exceptional drop in the AEX Index
+ Writes high option premiums with limited risk
+ Aiming for high potential return, while accepting high risk

Benefiting from small market movements

Systems using the Iron Condor options strategy enable investors to make better returns in markets that are only slightly up, down or even neutral.

+ No market movements needed for making good returns
+ Limited upward as well as downward risks
+ Initial capital from starting at €15k


Online training and free webinars

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