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These are our 3 most popular trading systems.

1. Options Portfolio NL 25K

Combination of automated trading systems (4-6), based on algorithms for different option strategies on the AEX-index. Pro rata return, lower risk.
Returns (avg/yr)


ROI (2023)


2. Monthly Options System NL 2.3 SPS

Combination of Monthly Options System 2.1 SPS and Monthly Options System 2.2. SPS. Based on algorithms for the short put spread option strategy on the AEX-index.
Returns (avg/yr)


ROI (2023)


3. Weekly Options System NL 1.4 SSg

Automated trading system based on algorithms for short strangles with weekly options on the AEX-index.
Returns (avg/yr)


ROI (2023)


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Professional investors have been doing nothing else for years.

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You choose a system

At Finodex we have more than 50 trading systems. Options, stocks or combinations of stocks and options . You choose the system that suits you best.

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You sign up

You select a subscription for the chosen system. You decide for how long. Don't want to be tied down to something right away? Then first try our introduction offer.

Do you already have an investment account with one of the connected brokers, for example CapTrader or Mexem? Then you do not need to open a new broker account.

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Trade with one click

The system suggests transactions. You receive notifications of these via the Finodex app. As soon as you approve a transaction, it is passed on to the broker. You do not have to do anything else.

Do you have any questions? You can always contact our team.

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You are 100% in control

A trading system acts automatically. However, it never does so without your permission. You can approve or reject any transaction yourself.

Our clients and their success stories

Find out how others experience this way of investing.

5 / 5



I represent some 60 years of investor experience. Always did it myself, but now, after bad experiences with some cowboy asset managers in the country, have over six months experience with Finodex. Started small with them, after 4 months decided to upgrade to the Options Portfolio ...K system and am now about to add a 2nd system to my account. This illustrates my confidence in Finodex. I have come to know them as a versatile, effective and highly transparent party, delivering proven returns that matter. And always accessible. Do I recommend Finodex? Yes, with conviction! Read more

4 / 5

Creates returns and provides peace of mind.


Finodex creates ("hefty") returns and provides peace of mind. First of all, there is no investment without risk. But the systems offered, based on proven algorithms, provides nice returns. It is good to know from experience that the system administrators themselves remain very attentive to the monitoring of the positions. Your emotion goes to a lower level and the returns to a higher one ..... wonderful, Karst Read more

4 / 5

Options portfolio with healthy returns without headaches


Finodex has developed well into a platform with a range of copy trade portfolios, including options 25K. Easy to manage, clear statistics and convenient App.

We are here for every investor

Whether you have been investing for years or are just starting out. We are here for everyone.


You can start from as little as €7,500. From €100,000 there are additional possibilities for risk diversification.

The brokers linked to our platform are supervised by the relevant authorities. These include the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

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