Why customers are glad they discovered Finodex

Jean-Paul, consultant, risk averse investing

Finodex testimonial

Jean-Paul de Koning is an experienced consultant. Always busy, because his services are in high demand. He is self-employed, without a collective pension. Logically, he thinks about his long-term assets.

He is therefore interested in investing, but he does not have much time. When he got in touch with Finodex, it quickly became clear that he wanted to invest actively, but also in a risk-averse way. His problem was only that he was in appointments almost all day, so he really didn't know when to start investing then.

He would never be able to place orders and check prices 'in the middle of the day'. Another thing for him is that he doesn't quite fit in with asset managers. He wants to be in control of everything himself.

The fact that he can simply deposit his money with his own broker and that nothing happens without his consent quickly won him over. He is now actively involved in trading, with one click and without any hassle.

Jean-Paul de Koning, consultant

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