Investing in equities
Systematic and well-diversified

You will find a series of share-based trading systems on our platform, enabling you to better manage risks and to benefit from diversification in your portfolio.

+ Initial capital from €10k
+ Invest in different indices, such as the AEX, Nasdaq and S&P 100
+ Invest in different themes, for diversification and spread of risk

Benefit from sector trends


A series of sector-based model portfolio's especially for investors who want to benefit from trends in various sectors. Investors like the diversification as well as the lower risk of these portfolio's.

+ Series of 10 sector based portfolios, such biotech, cannabis and online gaming
+ Initial capital starting at €10k to €100k
+ Investing in shares, managing risk

Follow the Trend

We offer a number of trend following equity portfolio's, that use objectively generated buy and sell signals.

+ Follow the trend, don't go against the flow
+ Initial capital starting at €20k, up to €100k
+ Focussing on Amsterdam and US Nasdaq shares


Dynamic Quant Systems


Dynamic Quant Systems by Traderama focus on shares in the S&P 100 and Nasdaq 100 indices.

+ Using algorithmes based on probabilities and pattern analysis
+ Applies limit buy orders when the probability of change in a long pattern or long trend is high enough to be interesting
+ Equity based portfolio's with a starting capital of $25k up to $100k


Please find the answers to the FAQs below. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need any additional information.

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