Investing in equities and options
Systematic and well-diversified

A growing group of investors with starting capital of up to €500,000 opt for systematic investment in stocks and options.

+ join with initial capital from €10,000
+ suitable for larger portfolio's (€100k - €500k)
+ invest with 1 click

Systematic investing in stocks+options


Ideal for investors who want to invest directly in stocks and options with good diversification and reduced risk.

+ combination of trend following equity portfolios
+ with income-oriented option strategies
+ systems from €10k to €500k

High Volatility

Recovery Portfolios are in place to make money in particularly volatile markets and provide a buffer for price declines.

+ started at the beginning of 2020, after an exceptional fall in the AEX index.
+ writing high option premiums on shares with limited risk
+ high potential return, high risk


This is what other investors think of our Stocks+Options systems:

Average client score

4.7 / 5

6 reviews

5 / 5

Investing with help


My partner and I are very satisfied with investing through the Finodex platform. The contact is very pleasant and you get an immediate response and answer to your questions. In addition, we have had a fantastic result on the portfolio so far, although we realize of course that this could also decrease.

5 / 5

Recommended if you don't feel like, have the time and experience to look at the trends yourself on a daily basis


I have been investing for a year now with the help of Finodex. And I like it, they arrange everything and if I have any questions they are not only easily accessible but also clear in their explanations. As a busy person you hardly have to do anything yourself, just keep an eye on the progress a bit. As a relative layman I have been investing in funds through the major providers for over 20 years. Via via I came across the Finodex video and became cautiously enthusiastic, after all so much is said. I got in purely to see how it would go. A year later I have not only learned a lot but, after a somewhat uneasy start, also achieved a very good return. So I'll just keep on going! An absolute must, and not only for very experienced investors, but also when you don't always have the time and inclination to follow the trends closely! Read more

5 / 5

Easy to operate and good explanation


Started trading the stock market through Finodex about 1 year ago, I actually didn't have the time for it. But because at Finodex they do copy trade, that is, you get a message through the system that you are following. Very simple, no difficult actions. It works well and you get good support from the people at Finodex. Highly recommended. Read more

4 / 5

Coupling provides peace of mind and convenience.


Linking BFM portfolio with the Finodex platform gives peace of mind and is easy. Investing money always involves risk's, but often motivated by emotion. There is interest, but the world of investment is complex. To have a first look into this world, and use the excellent service of Finodex for questions, I can recommend it to anyone who has to take the first step. But also for 'experienced' investors. Read more

4 / 5

Quiet and safe system with good returns


Entered at the top in February 2021 at the time, despite this disadvantage already a return of about 10% since then. Quiet system with good selection of shares. Chosen at the time because the US economy is likely to grow faster than the European.


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