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Trade smart in five minutes per week with this option strategy

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With this introduction offer you can experience for yourself how easy it is to trade with a smart, automated investment strategy. Now at an attractive discount.

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    Return with Options Portfolio NL 25K

    A return of +31.0% over the last 12 months (Feb-20 to Jan-22)

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    Easy trading with one click

    React quick anytime and anywhere with the Finodex app and platform

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    Follow smart system

    Proven strategy and algorithms, reliable investment technology

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Options Portfolio NL 25K

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    Temporary introduction offer
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    Temporary introductory offer €7 €157
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The introductory offer is valid for starting capitals of €25.000 and with that your savings go up to €150!

This introductory offer is valid until Friday 15:00h.

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5 / 5



I represent some 60 years of investor experience. Always did it myself, but now, after bad experiences with some cowboy asset managers in the country, have over six months experience with Finodex. Started small with them, after 4 months decided to upgrade to the Options Portfolio ...K system and am now about to add a 2nd system to my account. This illustrates my confidence in Finodex. I have come to know them as a versatile, effective and highly transparent party, delivering proven returns that matter. And always accessible. Do I recommend Finodex? Yes, with conviction! Read more

4 / 5

Creates returns and provides peace of mind.


Finodex creates ("hefty") returns and provides peace of mind. First of all, there is no investment without risk. But the systems offered, based on proven algorithms, provides nice returns. It is good to know from experience that the system administrators themselves remain very attentive to the monitoring of the positions. Your emotion goes to a lower level and the returns to a higher one ..... wonderful, Karst Read more

4 / 5

Options portfolio with healthy returns without headaches


Finodex has developed well into a platform with a range of copy trade portfolios, including options 25K. Easy to manage, clear statistics and convenient App.

4 / 5

Results of the system in the recent period are fine. This though in a continuously rising market.


Experiences with the team at Finodex are good. Are easily accessible and very service oriented. Handle the portfolio with care and restraint. Good results are achieved but it should be noted that this has been in a constantly rising market for the past 2 years. Team can prove itself in a stagnant or sharply declining market. Read more

Return Options Portfolio NL 25K

Average per year+ 0.4%
Last 24 months -14.0%
Last 12 months -57.8%
Last 3 months+ 5.4%
This year+ 9.4%
Since the start+ 1.0%


Historical return on investment (ROI) per year, based on (hypothetical) results.


Historical return on investment (ROI) per month, based on (hypothetical) results.


Historical return on investment (ROI) per year, based on (hypothetical) results.

Realized PL per day

Realized PL per trade

Systematic investing through the Finodex platform

In the video below, we explain in a minute and a half what the Finodex platform is and how the platform works. Over 50 systems, five linked brokers, website and mobile app.

Follow with one click, just a few minutes a week

Almost daily or weekly trading in options on AEX, without worrying about the stock market. Signals are easily received via your phone and with one click you convert them into an order for the broker.

Via the Finodex mobile Copy Trade app you receive all buy and sell signals. You won't miss a thing. The free app is available for iOS and for Android.

As a member, you have access to the Finodex platform for systematic investing. With complete overviews of returns, risks and statistical probabilities in table and graph. Includes explanations of Copy Trade, demos and webinars.

As a member you have unlimited access to the Finodex Copy Trade app (iOS and Android). With the app you can easily convert trading signals into orders for the broker. The app also provides overviews of recent trades, open and closed positions and returns. The app also allows you to view your broker account. Safe, fast and easy.

Copy Trade means that you simply convert buy and sell signals from the trading systems you follow into an order for the broker. That happens literally with one click. Even for complex option strategies that consist of multiple trades. With the Finodex Copy Trade app, you don't have to worry about the stock market, while you still invest according to your favorite strategy.

We are happy to be of service. You can reach us via chat, mail and phone.

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