Systematic investing algorithms
Higher returns without the hassle

On our platform you will find a great range of systems based on options, equities, futures and turbo's to choose from. Each of them ready to follow with our one click app via your Finodex account and to copy the returns straight into your broker account.

+ Initial capital starting at €7,500 to €250,000+.
+ Subscriptions fee from € 29 per month
+ No performance fees, no hidden costs

Most popular


Currently popular system, with a large number of investors following it

Top 5


The highest return in the past 2 years (compared to average return)

Lowest risk


The lowest risk number (compared to average realized return)


Options are ideal instruments for achieving higher returns in any type of market. To  all kinds of markets at a lower risk. Therefore, for every investor who wants to make money with options, we have developed a series of option systems. All you have to do is choose.

+ A choice of 26 option systems
+ Choice of option strategies with daily, weekly and monthly options
+ Join with starting capital of € 7,500 to € 100,000+




There's an interesting series of a series of stock-based trading systems on our platform, that will save you a lot of time and stress and make it easier for you to make money.

+ Invest in various indices, such as the AEX, Nasdaq and S&P 100
+ Invest in various themes, spreading risk
+ Initial capital from € 10,000 to € 100,000+.

Combination equities with options

A growing number of investors add 'combination systems' to their portfolio, such as the systems on our platform that uses both equities and options.

+ Initial capital from starting at €10,000
+ Suitable for larger portfolios of €100k and €250k
+ Copy and trade in just one click




Systematic investing using futures requires full attention from any investors. On our platform we have a small selection of futures systems o n the AEX Index and on the S&P 500, saving you time and hassle. Note: these are high potential return and high risk systems.

+ Initial capital starting at $15,000/€ 20,000
+ Trading futures on international indexes
+ Invest with 1 click, from €96 per month


Systematic investing using Turbo systems. On our platform, the TrendPortefeuille NL Turbo uses turbo long positions on Dutch stocks with a rising trend to make profit. Uses stop loss in case of large price drops.

+ Initial capital from € 20,000
+ Spread over a range of stocks
+ Invest with 1 click, from €66 per month


Most recently added systems, checked for live trading and back-testing results.

Systems with the highest return in the past 2 years (compared to average return)

Systems with the highest return over 2020 (compared to average return)


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