EASE Copy Trade

SPEED Instant processing of signals

RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY Optimal automation

Connects signal providers, investors and brokers.

To publish

Model portfolios
Trading Systems
External benchmark
Marketing, more turnover


Generation via Front-End
Generation via TWS
Generation via API
Distribution by SMS or mail

Copy Trade

Investor in control
Copy Trade via connected broker
Optimal automation

The all-in-one platform solution for signal providers

Connects signal providers, investors and brokers.

The platform is an ecosystem of investment software for signal providers. All processes are automated, which provides you as a signal provider with enormous time and cost savings. You simply step into the platform, you do not have to invest in software and you can start right away.

  • Everything under one roof
  • Copy Trade for extra convenience
  • Powered by Finodex


Signal Provider

Publishes buy and / or sell signal.



Receive signals, choose Copy Trade or Manual Trades.


Connected Broker

Receives orders from investor.


Order confirmation

Investor receives order confirmation.

Who are the players

Signal investors are private investors who invest independently and independently according to the signals of one or more systems or portfolios. We offer Copy Trade for order execution: the investor simply copies the trades to his own portfolio.

A signal provider publishes model portfolios and / or trading systems. The signals generated by the signal provider are distributed uniformly to all subscribers (on the relevant system or portfolio) via the platform.

Signal investors can easily contact an connected broker to execute orders via Copy Trade. Signal providers have no insight into the trades of subscribers.


Copy Trade

Optimally automated processes for Copy Trade.
The most beautiful technology is the technology you do not see.

  • The investor chooses convenience or extra convenience
  • Copy Trade means that the investor automatically receives the signals via email or text message and can easily copy those signals as trades to his own portfolio.
  • The software supports the investor who wants to copy trades to their own portfolio.

Generate signals

  • Enter signals manually

    Quickly and easily enter signals manually via a user-friendly interface. Multiple instruments and multiple legs within one signal.

  • Trades via Trader Workstation (TWS)

    The trades via Interactive Brokers are automatically picked up by our platform, recognized and converted into a trading signal for affiliated investors.

  • Automatic link via the API

    Modern API to fully process signals from mechanical systems. You can place your signals directly online on the platform via the API.


  • Shares, futures and options on major indices, stocks and commodities.
  • US (Dow30 + Nasdaq100), Europe with Amsterdam (AEX, AMX), Brussels (BEL20), Paris (CAC40) and Frankfurt (DAX30 and EURO STOXX 50).
  • Choice from an extensive universe of markets and instruments.
  • Other markets and / or instruments? If you want to generate signals in other markets and / or instruments, please contact us.




Extra turnover

More followers, more subscribers, more turnover.

  • Beautiful presentation performance

    Attractive and clear presentation of the performance of systems and portfolios.

  • Focus on quality

    Don't worry about technology, messaging or other critical processes. You can focus entirely on the quality and return of your system or portfolio. That is what investors come for and you can score with that.

  • Service

    The speed and reliability of the platform enhance the service to investors.

  • Subscribe easily

    Investors can easily subscribe to one or more systems or portfolios in the shop.

  • Focus on content

    Signal providers do not have to worry about ordering processes and can focus on the system or portfolio. As a signal provider you have much more time to strengthen your substantive proposition with the target group.

  • Marketing

    You can use our advanced marketing automation: mailing campaigns up to and including webinars and online training. for signal providers.
Now we're talking. Now we're trading.