Platform for higher returns on stocks
and options with 1-click algo-trading

Why algo-trading?

A select group of professional investors have been doing nothing else for years: making high returns on the stock market with algorithms, or algo-trading. With the trading systems on our platform, we open the door to private investors who also want to make higher returns with algorithms - without having to work with algorithms themselves.

+ more chance of higher returns, no matter what the stock market does
+ save effort and time, (almost) everything is automated
+ turn off emotions, avoid unnecessary losses


What is a trading system?

A trading system is a detailed, proven investment strategy, with trading rules for buying and selling shares or options, for example. In an automated trading system this is all programmed.

+ higher potential returns, thanks to built-in algorithms
+ the system runs automatically, you can also (almost) automatically trade with it
+ a trading system analyses and decides for itself, you do not have to worry about the stock market

Why Finodex?

We have reduced the operation of algo-trading, trading systems and trading to 1 click for you. On our platform everything is ready for you, to make more returns without effort.

+ 56 proven trading systems, all you have to do is choose
+ 5 connected brokers, making it easy for you to execute orders
+ 1 platform incl. mobile app, everything under 1 roof

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TodaysBroker- Finodex1
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