To make a better return on investment
you need great technology

How to keep making better returns

Only a handful of professional investors is able to make solid profits in the financial markets in the long run. Each and everyone of them does so by using automated trading systems, based on algorithms. On the Finodex platform, retail investors get access to exactly those trading systems.

+ extensive series of automated trading systems, optimising the balance between risk and return
+ easy access to all trading systems
+ any retail investor can copy the trades and the trading results of each trading system to his or her own portfolio

Structureel beter rendement
Systematisch beleggen

Systematic trading

To make better investment decisions, we rule out the impact of human emotions by using mechanical, systematic trading methods, which we then automate into trading systems. In doing so, we are able to share the results of our trading methods via our platform.

+ better investment decisions by ruling out emotions
+ avoiding the stress of not knowing what and when to trade
+ investors can combine trading systems to diversify

Investors remain in control

We provide retail investors with a one click app, giving them full control of their investments via our platform.

+ investors have to actively validate trading signals
+ by validating signals, the order is sent to the broker
+ the investor is in charge at all times

Belegger in control
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