Top investment strategies - and how to copy them

Finodex platform for signal trading

  1. Select the best performing strategies
  2. Connect your broker account
  3. Copy Trade the performance

How to copy the performance of top investment strategies



Select the best investment strategies and subscribe to the trading signals. 



Connect your broker account to your Finodex account to start signal trading.

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Copy Trade

Copy the performance of your selected strategies into your broker account.

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The platform and why investors like it


Insight in performance

We provide you with transparent charts and graphs so you've got a clear insight in performance at all times.

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No emotional mistakes

Investment decisions are best made without emotions. That's the beauty of signal trading.

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You are in control

You are always in control of your broker account and of the way you use our Copy Trade functionality.

Copy Trade

Copy the performance of the best investment strategies straight into your broker account.


The mobile Copy Trade app is the easiest connection to the investment strategy you are following. As soon as a trading signal is generated, you receive a notification.



The Copy Trade functionality connects you to your broker, enabling you to convert trading signals into orders for the broker in just 1 click.



The connected broker will execute your orders. You will receive an instant notification when the order is executed.


Connected Brokers

The connected brokers to our platform are regulated by their local government and authorities, eg AFM (Financial Markets Authority), BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht), CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and/or DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank).

FAQ about Signal Trading

Copy Trading is copying the trades of an investment strategy. By copying the trades, you copy the performance. 

Copying the performance is a 1-click process: the platform sends a trading signal, you receive the signal via the mobile Copy Trade App. Click on the signal to convert it into an order for the broker. The Copy Trade software will send the order to the broker for execution.  

For a start: we are NOT a broker. Our platform is connected to a number of brokers. These connected brokers execute the orders retail investors send them via Copy Trade.

Finodex (2009) is a Dutch software company, providing software solutions for retail investors:

Signal Trading Platform

  • Enabling retail investors to copy the performance of investment strategies (i.e. trading systems and modelportfolio's) into their own broker account.
  • Connecting retail investors with brokers

Trading Systems 

  • Mechanical trading systems, ranging from short strangle to short put spreads to daily options trading.
  • Modelportfolio's: equity, options, futures

Tools for options

  • Analysis, strategy selection, technical analysis
  • Portfolio management, alerts.

Experienced investments specialists in options, futures, equities and other securities. Combining knowledge of investment strategies with software development skills. In short: fintech.

The money you use for signal trading, is in your broker account. You are in control of your broker account at all times. Finodex is not a broker.

That's a personal question: you are the one to decide what's best for you in terms of instruments, markets, reward and risk. On the platform we provide you with clear and transparent facts and figures of our trading systems and modelportfolio's.

There are 2 types of costs: the Finodex platform subsription fee and the brokerage fees. 

To start investing the easy way: to copy the performance of the best investment strategies straight into your broker account.

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